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State v. Claudia Cruz

Case No: 14-006366MM10A, Broward County Court, Judge Chris Pole, Count I: D.U.I., JURY VERDICT: NOT GUILTY, March 3, 2015. Client, a Fortune 500 Internet Sales Exec. stopped and arrested for D.U.I. provided breath samples of .123 and .117. Intoxylizer's maintence protocol succesfully challenged, as well as the officer's overall investigation.

State v. Victoria Acencio

Case No: 15-008273-CF10A, Broward Circuit Court, Judge Haimes, Charges: Possession and Manufacturing of Cannabis (Grow House). Prior to trial, Judge granted our Motion to Suppress all of the State's evidence due to a finding of an ilegal search and seizure of the premisses. Case dismissed and not appealed by the State, June 28, 2016.

United States v. Jose Aguilar Lopez

Case No: 13-20911-CR-Bloom, Miami Division, Judge Bloom, Charges: Title 46 Possession and Conspiracy to Traffick/ High Seas in Cocaine. Defendant interdicted on high seas off the Pacific Coast of Central America by United States Coast Guard. Sniper shot out vessel's engines. All captured on video. Coast Guard located over 900 kilos on-board. Verdict: Guilty.

State v. Betram Hadley

Case No.: 13-006631CF10A & 12-016157CF10A, Broward County Circuit Court, Judge McCarthy, Charges: Burglary of Dwelling (both cases), Habitual Offender Qualified. State originally sought 30 years in Florida State prison as a habitual offender for both cases, but the State's DNA evidence placing our client at each scene was challenged and initiated a county-wide inquiry into the handling of DNA evidence by the Broward Sheriff's Office Crime Laboratory. Client was released, time served. Article.

United States v. Jacinto Rodrigo

Case No: 15-DEA-610857, DEA Fofeiture of Aircraft allegedly used in association with cocaine trafficking. Forfeiture mitigated and the aircraft was returned to our client.

State v. Victor Thomas

Case No.: 14-002065MM20A, Broward County Court, Judge Robert Diaz, Count I: Battery. VERDICT: NOT GUILTY, July 26, 2017. Condo Owner accused of assaulting and battering condo maintenance worker in condo common area. Multiple state witnesses succesfully challenged.

State v. Raydel Cornelio

Case No.: 14-005525CF10A, Broward County Circuit Court, Judge Michael Lynch, Charges: Count I.Crim Use of Personal ID, Count II. Organized Scheme to Defraud, Counts III-V, Grand theft, VI Insurance Fraud, $20K-100K. Client's Motion for Downward Departure from sentencing guidlines granted. Client was spared jail time which called for up to 70 years in prison, and recieved probation. Client was a military veteran who ran a scheme to defraud the Veterans' Administration.

United States v. Pasquale Rubbo

Case No.: 17-CR-00417-RBJ, District of Colorado, Judge B. Jackson, Charges Involving Conspiracy to Commit Mail/ Wire Fraud. Sentencing pending, August 2018. Article.

United States v. Banguera-Colorado, Marceliano

DC Case No.: 15-CR-00238-VMC, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Case No.: 16-17714, Tampa Division, Title 46/ High Seas Cocaine Trafficking case succesfully appealed on issue of District Court refusing to grant client minor role variance as a ship-hand on board cociane smuggling vessel. Appeals Court returned case to District Judge for re-sentencing.

United States v. Santos Gonzalez Cahvec

Case No.: 17-CR-60050-RNS, Miami Division, Judge Robert Scola, Charges: Title 46/High Seas Possession and Conspiracy to Traffick in Cocaine. Client's vessel interdicted several hundred miles off the Pacific coast of Guatemala, Central America. US Coast Guard seized over 1000 kilos of cocaine on board. Client had re-fueling coordinates and Sat phone in his possession. VERDICT: GUILTY.