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Dedicated Florida Attorney Advocates for Those Accused of Serious Crimes

Knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale law firm represents defendants in criminal matters

Since 1997, Richard A. Merlino Criminal Defense Law in Florida has helped the accused throughout the Fort Lauderdale area. I have decades of experience defending clients charged with serious crimes such as homicide, rape, trafficking and money laundering and helping people obtain clemency and have their civil rights reinstated in certain circumstances. If you are facing criminal prosecution, you can rely on my firm to fight for you to the fullest extent possible.

Federal criminal defense lawyer handles white collar crime cases and more

Crimes that happen within a state are usually prosecuted by the state. Crimes are tried as federal crimes when they occur on federal property, such as at a national park or military base, cross state boundaries or in other cases where states lack jurisdiction, such as terrorism or certain white collar offenses. These can include bank fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and crimes under the RICO Act. I am admitted to practice in federal courts and have decades of federal criminal defense experience.

Committed representation for people charged with drug offenses and gun and weapons crimes

Whether you’ve been accused of possessing, manufacturing or trafficking drugs, the consequences can be devastating if you are convicted, including a long prison sentence, hefty fines and asset forfeiture. My firm will work hard to prevent these outcomes, including appealing previous rulings. I can also represent you if you are accused of violating your parole or probation.

Carrying or using a gun while committing a felony can incur significant jail time for both crimes. And even carrying a concealed weapon without a permit in Florida, having a firearm in a prohibited area or being a prohibited person with a gun is a crime. I’ll advise you as to the best defense for your gun and weapons charge.

Representing people facing charges for sex crimes, murder and manslaughter

Florida metes out severe penalties for sex crimes. If you are convicted of aggravated sexual battery, you are facing up to 30 years in prison, or life if the alleged victim was a minor. This is a time to take extreme caution and care in choosing representation — you can depend on me to be highly knowledgeable in these types of cases and to vigorously defend you.

If you are facing homicide charges or are being investigated by a grand jury for first degree murder, a capital offense, or involuntary manslaughter, my firm has the credentials and experience needed to defend you. I defend clients against all major felony charges, and as a death penalty-qualified attorney, I have met the requirements in Florida to represent those potentially facing capital punishment.

Reach out to a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation

If you’ve been charged with a crime, Richard A. Merlino Criminal Defense Law in Florida is here to help you. I represent clients throughout the Fort Lauderdale area who are facing criminal prosecution. Please call 954-317-9024 or contact me online for a free consultation.